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073-0270 Aeroflash strobe flash tube

073-0270 Aeroflash strobe flash tube
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  • Brand: Aeroflash Signal
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 073-0270
  • Warranty: Yes

073-0270 Aeroflash strobe flash tube. The strobe flash tube can be used with the 152-0007 14v or 152-0010 28v power supplies and is commonly found in the 153-0009 light assembly. It is approved for the Varga 2150A and Cessna 150, 152, A152, 172,172N, R172, R172K, 177, 1477B, 177RG, 180, 180K, 182, 182Q, R182, 185, A185F, 188, A188, 206, U206G, TU206G, 207, 207A, 210, 210M, T210M and P210N. The 073-0270 replaces the 73-0165 and the 73-0167 and is Cessna part number C622006-0108.

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