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12V cool White LED Awning Light Caravan/Truck/RV/Marine/Boat/Camping/Strip Lamp

12V cool White LED Awning Light Caravan/Truck/RV/Marine/Boat/Camping/Strip Lamp
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  • Brand: ALLED
  • Product Type: Light
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Al13515C
  • UPC: Does not apply


12V LED Awning Light
Waterproof Cool White
550mm White Shell

ALLED has now launched this new product for your interior and exterior applications, for your caravan, RV, marine, yacht, camper trailer, and motor-home upgrades. Its specially designed triangle body is an innovational idea to produce a more efficient way of light illumination. The genius design of this light, was made to replace your traditional awning light. The two waterproof plugs at either end of the light will ensure its waterproof function. The white painted aluminum housing design makes it easy to dissipate heat, and ensures its long working life span. With 1000 Lumens, It is super bright to light up your camping life.

P.S. This awning light has two models. They have the same size, illumination, function and features. But they just have different sealing of the LED chips. One is with PC cover to seal the LED circuit board (the listing one), the other model is sealed by silicone directly. We will send you the listing one (PC cover) by default. If you need the silicone sealed model, please send us a message for it.


                           Caravan exterior lighting                                   RV interior lighting
  • 60 Super bright 5050 SMD chip LEDs
• Operating voltage: 12V DC
• Low power consumption: 1A, 12.4W
• Lighting color: cool white
• Luminous flux: 1000lm
• Lighting angle: 120 degrees
• 40 degree downward angle for a more efficient light illumination
• Waterproof rating: IP66, resistant to water, dust and moisture ingress
• Surface mount design for convenient installation
• Innovational LED technology, energy efficient
• long life span reaches 30,000hrs
• Dimension: 550mm x 30mm x 40.5mm



Part No. Lighting Color Input Voltage Watts Amps Luminous Flux Shell Color
AL13525C Cool White 12V DC 12.4W 1A 1000Lm Silver
AL13515C Cool White 12V DC 12.4W 1A 1000Lm White
AL13555C Cool White 12V DC 12.4W 1A 1000Lm Black

One piece of LED Camping Light
Stainless steel mounting screws
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