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2002 Toyota coaster. camper mobile home ready for fit out.

2002 Toyota coaster. camper mobile home ready for fit out.
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Location: Mirboo North, Victoria

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  • State: VIC
  • Product Type: Bus

Up for sale is my beloved toyota coaster.. It is my dream to be able to travel in one of these. However marraige sepparation requirers it to be sold. I bought this to use & fit out as i go so when i retire one day it would be ready to go. I looked for a long time before settling for this bus. I have been in the transport industry for over 30 years that includes 16 years in the bus industry so i have a bit of an idea what im looking for. This bus has the well tried & tested landcruiser turbo 6 cylinder Goes & pulls very well. Manual gearbox. The body is very good but does have a small amount of rust that will require attention. It does have some small scratches & imperfections but nothing i would worry about. Everything works on it. It has the pod door on it that works well. Aircon blows beautifully cold. heaters work well. It has 2 near new sumitomo radial tyres on the steer & i have just put 4 brand new hankook tyres across the rear. This bus goes very well & is a delight to drive. It has done 460000 ks mostly hwy work in & out of the city. I have had a few trips away in it as it is. Just a mattress & my esky & absollutly loved it. Ive done a few trips into NSW including a trip to sydney. I did an fuel economy test & on a long run its returning around 7.5 kms per liter. If you are looking to do a coaster then i would at least come have a look at this one. If you would like more information please call. If i can find another way to fund the payout to my wife the bus will be removed from sale. Thanks Ian

I have all the seats. They are in good condition. They can be refitted if you want to go that way & the bus could be put back into service. All the seats are included in the sale.

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