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4000W - 240V to 120V Stepdown Power Transformer Suits Imported RV's & Caravans

4000W - 240V to 120V Stepdown Power Transformer Suits Imported RV's & Caravans
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  • Product Type: Chargers

8ZED 240 V to 120 V Step Down Power Transformer 4000 watt model

 Suitable for USA Recreational Vehicles ( RV's ) and Imported Caravans

** Unit will be shipped via TNT Express from South Australia, with tracking provided for peace of mind. 
This method ensures Fast Safe and Secure Delivery. 

*** This 4000 Watt model is a top selling unit which is sold in many thousands around Australia to owners and users of imported USA RV's and Caravans*** 

  • Run 120V AC Appliances from 240V AC Mains Power
  • Safe and robust
  • Simple no fuss! Just plug in and switch on
  • Compact space saving design
  • Durable heavy duty build
  • Easy portability - fitted with carry strap
  • Fast delivery to your door


  • Type: Autotransformer
  • Input Voltage: 240V AC
  • Input Frequency: 50Hz
  • Input Fuse: 20A
  • Output Voltage: 120V AC
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz
  • Continuous Output: 2500 Watts
  • Maximum Output over 1 Hour Period: 4000 Watts
  • Dimensions: 32 x 21 x 18 cms (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 15.25 Kgs
  • Input Cable Length: 52 cms
  • Colour: Black
Please check the following points if you are unsure of what size Stepdown Transformer to select for other appliances:

  • What is your appliance? Will your appliance be used for a brief period or running continuously? 

All 8ZED Range of Step Down Power Converters have two power ratings. 1st rating is for 1 hour or less use, 2nd power rating is for use over an hour duration or continuous use. These are safety power rating parameters to ensure the converter runs cool and lasts many years to come. ** Many users have a tendency to hide the converter away behind appliances or in cupboards (in some cases not allowing adequate airflow) hence it is advisable to have the safety allowance built in to avoid overheating and thus to ensure longer life of the transformer unit.

  • Does your appliance have a motor, pump, heating element or compressor?

Appliances including one of these elements may require a larger transformer model ( higher rating ) than indicated by the power draw specification. These high power surge elements have large start up power requirements. Typically, you should select a transformer 3 to 6 times stated power draw.

If unsure , please ask and make sure to check out the following example as a guide.

  • Example : If your appliance states 120V 60Hz and 6.15A then this will be the max current draw, 120x 6.15 = 738watts , the best matched transformer in this case is the ST-1000 , But if powering for over an hour then select the ST-1500

  •  Is your appliance two pin or three pin? 

All 8ZED Step Down Converters have the universal socket to suit all three variables.Two pin, Two pin Keyed “one pin is thicker” and the Three pin “two flat one round”

 Why won’t my appliance plug in?

 All 8ZED Stepdown converters are manufactured using high quality pressed metal pin sockets and in the initial instances of usage, a slight amount of force will be required to plug your appliance in.  

What about the frequency of 60Hz to 50Hz? 

Don’t be alarmed, What this means in regards to your appliance is that: 

In the case of motors they will turn approximately 8-10% slower. 

In case of fridges, the temperature will be slightly higher, hence the need to adjust the sensor to the next adjustment. 

Whilst many items with speed controls are not affected, such as sewing machines and most turn tables. In minor cases there are “digital” speed controllers used on turntables which will be affected. 

Home AV receivers are mostly immune but in some cases and field studies there are some chipsets that control the Video signal that are affected. 

One example is Onkyo AV Receivers cannot sync picture to the TV. Game Consoles, Please seek further assistance, As each console is different. 

In some cases a converter cannot be used. 

Now for all the chefs out there, Kitchenmaid mixers , All KSM 150 series Ie. the general ones, you will need the ST-500, For all the Kitchenmaid pro’s, you will need the ST-1000 model. 

****NB Please ensure you do not NOT plug in or attempt to power up your US 120 Volt appliances directly from 240 volt Aus mains supply. You may void your warranty for your item if you do so and also void your ability to return/ exchange your stepdown transformer unit, if you have first used your appliance directly from Australian mains supply****


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