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The ALADO A3 is a no-compromise blue-water cruising furler, guaranteed against failure for as long as you own it.


Strong, durable and affordable, the A3 suits stays to 50ft (15M) and wire to 3/8-in (10mm) diameter on yachts to around 15 tons displacement.


For two decades ALADO of Brazil have supplied custom furlers for yachts venturing to the high latitudes, including Cape Horn.
The seller is the ALADO representative in New Zealand and he now offers the furlers for sale worldwide at factory prices on their behalf.

The US consumer sailing magazine PRACTICAL SAILOR described them as:

"Elegantly simple, well-crafted, and priced to sell....a snap to install literally. 

The units furling ease matches that of its much more costly competitors..."

In a later article on furlers, the testers noted: 

"One of Alado's key selling points is that not only can the unit be installed with the mast up, but there's not even a need for anyone to go aloft during the install.

"Unique overlapping foil sections slide together and are easily fitted with bushings as they are pushed up the headstay using a mast halyard to do the not-so-heavy lifting.

"On our test furler, these light and streamlined foil sections still appear brand-new going into the second season."

ALADO don't quibble about where or how hard their furlers work, provided of course the correct model is chosen for the task.

Evolved from user experience in the Southern Ocean, these furlers are built for sailors dependent on their own resources.
ALADO have eliminated the major weaknesses of swivels and ball-bearings by returning the halyard to the drum and putting the unique foils in compression to retain freedom to rotate.
With the halyard free from from tension loads induced by the mast and rig, the whole unit rotates independently of the forestay. This also removes the risk of halyard wrap and torque fatigue in the stay.
The system has proved particularly successful with modern multihulls where in heavy weather the flexing hulls can cause mast-attached swivel halyards to become auxiliary forestays under destructive loads.
For similar reasons, they are also unsurpassed for bowsprits. Or for large furling ghosters on stays ahead of working genoas.
The anodised foils dovetail together longitudinally and have no mechanical fastenings or butt-joints to flog apart. They fit over your existing forestay as it stands without any changes to the rig. You don't even have to go up the mast to install it.
Practically all ALADO owners install the furlers themselves and this familiarity with their simplicity, strength and reliability enhances the pleasure of sailing with variable headsails.
The A3 drum is 11in (280mm) diameter, 8in (200mm) high and weighs 7kgs. The foils are in 5ft (1.52m) sections and weigh 1.3kg/m.

It is a substantial unit of marine quality alloy castings.
Photos of in-use furlers are for illustration only - the auction is for a brand-new furler under warranty.

The price includes freight, insurance and all taxes and duties and delivery to your doorstep for buyers in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Central and South America, and Japan.

Please ask for the price to any other country.

Delivery and clearance is by Fedex. There is currently about two weeks delay from ordering to delivery. Please check with the seller before buying.

Please note: The listed price might be adjusted up or down to compensate for volatile currency movements and keep the price in line with the fixed USD factory price.

Please contact the seller for the lowest price possible.

Questions welcome.



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