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Aluminium boat fuel tank

Aluminium boat fuel tank
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Location: Boronia Heights, QLD

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75cm long
45 cm wide
15 deep
Approx 50lts.
38mm inlet, 16mm vent and 1/4 inch bsp thread outlet.
This tank is made in 2mm sheet
I make custom fuel tanks, live bait tank, water tanks, these are all made in 3mm sheet. I have also done a front casting deck frame and a fuel tank for the V in the front of a tinny. If you want a quote send me your dimensions and i can give you a price. Average has been $400-$550 not including fuel sender. V hull tanks i need the boat to build the tank to the boat.
For fuel tanks things i need to know is what inlet you need deck filler or filler cap and neck.
What where you want the outlet. On then bottom or on top

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