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BMC Sport Air Filter Alfa Romeo Alfa 159/Sportwagon 2.0 JTDM 16V 170PS

BMC Sport Air Filter Alfa Romeo Alfa 159/Sportwagon 2.0 JTDM 16V 170PS
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  • Manufacturer: BMC Air filter
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AL454/08213
  • Brand: Unbranded

BMC Sport Air Filter Alfa Romeo Alfa 159/Sportwagon 2.0 JTDM 16V 170PS

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BMC Air Filter

Info for vehicle use:
ALFA ROMEO ALFA 159 / SPORTWAGON 2.0 JTDM 16V 170hp built: 09 > 11 Info:

-All BMC sport air filter are registration-free
-Washable for very long service life
-High air throughput
-Perfect fit in the air filter box

The BMC sport air filter have been developed and produced, to ensure a higher air flow and prolonged use compared to the conventional paper filter. In formula 1, for example, the BMC cotton filter allows only minimal pressure loss of the passing air to achieve maximum performance. Result by replacing the traditional paper filter with a BMC cotton filter diesel ben uses technologies and materials of the formula 1 - filter, clear advantages on the series vehicle.

Design and materials
Qualified engineers use advanced software and experienced engineers put the latest technologies, to produce BMC Sportlufilter. A formula 1 filter must be very light, must be made from the best raw materials to increase one's performance. For this reason, all BMC filters consist of a network of aluminium, treated with an epoxy solution. Thus, they are resistant to gasoline vapors and oxidation that would occur due to the humidity. The filtering material consists of various layers of special cotton, wet oil with special filter, to guarantee highest transmission and cleaning the air.

BMC's technical department has developed a special production system that is based on a soft rubber mixture, made with the Red BMC filter. This form of production ensures that the characteristic red filter can be made of a cast iron without glue in the corners, which can easily lead to cracks. The special soft rubber not deformed over a longer period and has optimal characteristics in adapting to any form of air filter box. This special production called "Full Moulding" and comes from the F1 research and Development Department.

BMC air filters are wetted from the factory with a filter oil, it is necessary to bind the finest particles of dirt. Please note that you will need for this filter only extremely low filter oil. Thus, a load of other components on the vehicle is avoided. Use exclusively from BMCAir offered maintenance sets filter maintenance the filter, they are matched to the mesh of the filter. We recommend cleaning the filter depending on use all 10,000 km.

Herstellernummer AL454/08213
Herstellungsland und -region Italien
Hersteller BMC Airfilter

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