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Boat Battery Isolation/Cutoff

Boat Battery Isolation/Cutoff
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  • Brand: Moroso
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BS1-001

 Never come back to a flat battery due to currency drain.


·         Install on Negative Post only. Refer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPI3f3edL9U

·         Do not exceed 125A continuous rating or 24V.

·         Wear safety goggles during install.

·         Connect this Battery Cut Off Switch to a battery and remove the knob to completely disable the electrical system. Also makes repair work easier and deters theft!


·         A simple turn of the battery terminal disconnects and protects your battery.

·         1/4 turn of knob disconnects battery power

·         Side terminal style fits negative post

·         Easy to install on negative battery post: Simply remove your negative battery cable, install the disconnect on the negative battery terminal with the bolt provided and then re-attach the vehicle's cable to the threaded terminal of the disconnect.

·         Battery is disconnected by unscrewing the knob a few turns, and reconnected by tightening the knob.

·         Knob can be removed completely to deter theft.

·         Compact size fits most battery compartments.

·         Rated 500 amps surge and 125 amps continuous at 12 volts

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