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Boat Loader / Folding Boat Trailer Package Deal save $190

Boat Loader / Folding Boat Trailer Package Deal save $190
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  • State: Australia
  • Brand: BoatHoist International
  • Year:
  • BoatHoist Loading systems: Aluminium, 2016, BoatHoist International

Package of Sidewinder Boat Loader + Folding Boat Trailer + delivery or pick up or fitting.

Have you just retired and planning to head off and travel around Australia?
You already have the caravan and car topper boat but need a quick 'one stop shop' solution for the boat / boat loader / trailer?   We have just the thing for you and its all Australian designed and made.

Consider this:

1. The Sidewinder Boat Loader handles a rooftop boat up to 3.95 mtrs. and 1.65 mtrs wide but can do smaller/bigger dependent on vehicle and roofracks so phone us. 1300001090. You will require 2 or 3 heavy duty roof racks or cargo racks, tradies racks / trays and ARB racks.

The Boat Loader can handle up to 100kgs loading the boat using a gutsy 12 volt /3000lb electric winch that just hooks to a bracket at the gunnel on the boat and plugs into your Anderson plug at the other end - the car battery provides the power. 
The ramps that help with the loading (they go from the vehicles roof to the ground and simply pull out) are bolted on either side of the roof rack when in transit. 
The Sidewinder boat Loader is made from T5 tempered aluminium so it is strong and able to handle the salt water. 
The Sidewinder Boat Loader sits low on your roof so looks smart on your vehicle but when you aren't using it just unbolt and remove to leave for another day.
Also worth noting:
- No holes needed in boat
- Just unbolt to remove from vehicle
- Can transfer from one vehicle to another, or
- can change your boat size or material down the track
- no need to charge tools before use or worry about things going flat
-No maintenance issues other than hand checking the nuts and bolts before you head out each time

So with the Sidewinder Boat Loader you can get the boat to the camp ground but how are you to get it to the water? 

2. The Folding Boat Trailer is a great companion whilst on the road. It naturally can't be towed behind the caravan so it needs a home somewhere in/on your rig. Because it is easy to put into 2 or 3 packs you will find a place for all of it on your rig or car.  
Suggestions are:
The draw bar when halved can be placed on the roof with your boat! We have specifications available for you to work out just where you can fit things. If you have a Caravan bumper then we sell caravan bumper mounts which is another option for storage of the main part of the trailer when collapsed (see photo) 

The major points worth knowing about the Folding Trailer are it:
- comes with crush bars for strength in the drawer bars
- weighs less than 42kg 
- approved with VIN number and compliance plate 
- Can be registered in ALL Australian states 
- Assembles in 10-20 minutes 
- Will tow safely at 110km (8" wheels with standard Holden bearings)
- Suits tinnies up to 4 metres
- Handles 250kgs of weight

Both products have an Australian Made License with a 3 year structural warranty.
We have been in business for 10 years and when you order or phone us you speak to the owners who actually use the product and know it intimately PLUS have sold thousands around Australia. 
I encourage you to phone us if you need more information on 1300 001 090. 
Email: sales@boathoist.com.au
We deliver via TNT courier to your door all around Australia or you can pick them up on your way north at Taylors Beach Port Stephens NSW (a most beautiful place) or you can even get the boat loader fitted if you are not confident of doing it yourself. Please appreciate that this will all need to be arranged.
Hey we also have a solution for your outboard motor.
Most people fit the Boat Loader themselves as we supply written instruction/ video instruction and as mentioned you can always phone through for advice both products are quite easy to assemble.
Fitting is available  only at our Taylors Beach Port Stephens NSW workshop on request and for a small fee so you will need to contact us.

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