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Boat T Top, Boat T-top, Large Center Console Boat T-top , Aluminium Tube T Top

Boat T Top, Boat T-top, Large Center Console Boat T-top , Aluminium Tube T Top
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Item Information:

  • Brand: Ocean South
  • Heigh: 2050mm
  • Length: 1700mm
  • Manufacturer Part Number: TTOP-080-2Blue
  • Max Console Width: 1050mm
  • Min Console Width: 300mm
  • UPC: 700621157595
  • Width: 1400mm

Product Description
  • Adjustable to fit various centre console widths ;Standard height 2040mm can be trimmed to desired height.
  • 32mm bright - dipped aluminium tube; All connectors and mounts made from marine grade polymers.
  • 316 grade stainless steel fasteners; Heavy duty polyester marine canvas;
  • Supplied as a complete unit.
  • Top can be removed for storage. Detailed assembly instructions.

Length:1700mm Width:1400mm Heigh:2050mm
Min Console Width:300mm Max Console Width:1050mm
Length: 5.57' Width:4.59' Heigh:6.72'
Min Console Width:0.98' Max Console Width:3.44'mm

This T-top has legs which will adjust to fit any width Center Console up to 850mm wide. There is no drilling necessary to mount the legs. A custom clamp assembly allows the leg to be moved as often as necessary during installation to achieve a perfect fit. If you have a console with side access door, watch for possible interference.

32mm Bright-dipped aluminium Tube
316 grade stainless steel fasteners
Heavy duty marine hooding fabric
All connectors and mounts are made from marine grade polymers
Detailed assembly instructions
Console Not Included

32mm (1.25") Bright Dipped Alloy Tube Stainless Fasteners.
Heavy Duty Marine Hooding Material.
Connectors & Mounts in Marine Grade Polymer.
Easy Assembly Instructions.    



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