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Chesney Caravan

Chesney Caravan
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Location: Ilkley, QLD

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1973 Chesney Airoframe caravan. Approx 10 1/2 feet in length. Due to family commitments this is a most regretful sale. This van was stripped to the chassy and completely rebuilt. Exterior walls are original, all framing is aluminium and metal and very sturdy. Sleeps only 2 people and has ample storage space with a retro color scheme. Does not have stove inside, does come with 80 Lt. waico camp fridge freezer. Is 12 and 240 vlt adaptable with all new wiring and power points, also accessable cupboard for camp battery. 60 to 70 Lt water tank, all new brakes, bareings and toe hitch. New tinted windows and winders. Rego and R.W. on sale of van. Sadly since restoration this van has not been used so would love to see it go to someone who will love it as much as we do. 

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