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Columbia Pedestal Slide/Swivel 305mm

Columbia Pedestal Slide/Swivel 305mm
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  • Manufacturer Part Number: NA
  • Brand: Hooked on Adventure

Heavy-duty cast aluminium base with 6 x 8mm mounting holes for a solid support in a cabin or cockpit.

High-strength aluminium powder coated finish friction locking swivel base.

Moulded nylon cup insert provides a smooth swivel performance.

228mm (9") diameter anodized finish base.

73mm (2 7/8") satin finish post.

73mm (2 7/8") 360° rotation trac-lock locking slide/swivel

Multiple sizes as below. Please check item title for size offered by this listing

HOA293782 305mm Pedestal with Slide/Swivel

HOA293780 460mm Pedestal with Slide/Swivel

HOA293779 510mm Pedestal with Slide/Swivel

HOA293781 600mm Pedestal with Slide/Swivel

HOA293783 760mm Pedestal with Slide/Swivel

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