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Deck Organiser 4 Sheaves 50 Sheave Diameter

Deck Organiser 4 Sheaves 50 Sheave Diameter
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  • Manufacturer Part Number: NA
  • Brand: Hooked on Adventure

Seldén deck organizers keep the deck tidy and lead the ropes back to the cockpit. The acetal sheaves have acetal ball bearings absorbing side loads from a rope entering the organizer with a vertical angle. The result is low friction making hoisting and trimming of sails fast and easy. The organizers can be fitted to a slightly curved surface and two organizers can be stacked on top of each other. The deck organizers are made of glass fibre reinforced composite.


Sheaves - 4
Safe working load - 1000kg
Breaking load - 2000kg
Max line size 16mm
Fasteners - 4 x M8        

Hooked on Adventure is stocking the range of Selden deck hardware. While we update our store please enquire for quotations on all the Selden Deck Hardware range.   http://www.seldenmast.com  

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