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Edson Marine Hot Water Heater 30Lt Electric Horizontal - 2kW - BC30H

Edson Marine Hot Water Heater 30Lt Electric Horizontal - 2kW - BC30H
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Edson Marine Hot Water Heater 30Lt Electric Horizontal - 2kW - BC30H

Edson Marine 30Lt Electric Horizontal Water Heater - 2kW

plumbonline offer you the edson Marine electric water heater range. With and Edson Marine Heater you can relax in the knowledge that you can enjoy hot water whenever and wherever you are.

Whether cruising the blue water or relaxing dock-side, edson Marine Heaters will supply an abundance of hot water to your vessel. The large electric heating element will provide around 50 to 130 litres of hot water in the initial hour on our standard range, plus a continuous 30 litres per hour* while moored. Heat losses are kept to a minimum by high density insulation surrounding the copper inner tank, securely enclosed in a stainless steel casing. The Marine Heaters come equipped with a built-in energy cut-out thermostat, pressure relief valve, and highly efficient heat exchanger that utilises the engine coolant when under motive power (optional connection), making Edson Marine Heaters safe and reliable hot water systems.

An even greater output can be expected from the highly efficient heat exchanger which utilises the engine coolant when under motive power. The Water Heaters heat losses are kept to a minimum by high density Rockwool blanket surrounding the copper inner tank securely enclosed in a stainless steel casing. Safety is a key factor with the Edson Marine Water Heater as the unit features a built-in, energy cut out thermostat and pressure - temperature relief valve. Installation of the Edson Water Heater is simple and quick as existing plumbing can be utilised. Edson Marine Water Heaters have been manufactured for some years exclusively for several "Brand" name craft. All Edson Water Heaters are warranted for a period of 2 years on the copper/stainless steel container.

plumbonline are also able to provide a full range of spare parts with our Express Free Delivery service!

The benefits of Edson Marine Heaters

  • Solid copper and stainless steel construction.
  • Minimum 2 kW incoloy immersion electric element.
  • High density insulation minimises heat loss.
  • Efficient heat exchanger suited to storage capacity
  • Relief Operation pressure 500kPa
  • Maximum cold water inlet pressure 300kPa
  • Available in vertical or horizontal configuration.
  • Easy to install and can utilise existing plumbing.
  • Wide range of spare parts available.
  • Australian made and built to suit your individual requirements.
  • Long life manufacturers warranty.
  • Your Element kW rating can be upgraded.

We can provide a full range of commercial and purpose built marine hot water services. Please contact plumbonline for more information.

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