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Flexible Water Tanks - Rectangular multiple sizes 150 Litre HOA8804

Flexible Water Tanks - Rectangular multiple sizes 150 Litre HOA8804
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  • Brand: Hooked on Adventure
  • Manufacturer Part Number: NA
  • UPC: NA

Multiple Sizes Available. Please check item title for size offered by this listing. Please check other listings for other sizes ranging from 55 litre to 200 litre.

Flexible Water Tanks, grey

Flexible water tanks solve the problem of storing water on your boat. Made of non-toxic PVC, they are suitable even for drinking water. The tanks are supplied with a valve, which can be used for ventilation and with two extra fittings (cut through hole: 48mm). They are easy to store and use. Lalizas flexible water tanks are available in rectangular and triangular models.

These tanks are supplied with a valve fitted and have tie down points built into the edge of the tank.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes. PLEASE CHECK ITEM TITLE FOR SIZE OFFERED BY THIS LISTING

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