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Flight Helmet

Flight Helmet
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Gallet LH050 Flight Helmet.

Shell size is listed L, XL, XXL however I have small head (21.5") and it fits nicely. This is due to the versatility of the additional padding supplied with the helmet which allows a custom fit.

The helmet is in very good condition in fact if it were not for the few minor scratches and very small chips around the top of the shell it would present as near new. The visor is unmarked. There are some very fine crows feet cracking in the paint around the base of the ear cups, this is normal and they are barely noticeable until you flex the base open, they don't show up in a photo.  The Gallet's work on the principal of flexing them open to some extent when donning and as such the lack of flexibility in the paint causes fine cosmetic cracks.

The helmet has an electret mic, std GA plugs on the 3' coil lead and about the same length straight lead for the 9v ANR battery pack.

The photos show pictures of the contents of one of the two supplied additional inner lining custom fitting packs. These additional pads and foams make for an infinitely tailorable fit. Also comes with the carry bag, helmet bag, 2 visor clean cloths and a genuine MSA Gallet plastic pen (no warranty on the pen)

This helmet has served me well for about 4 years after the retirement of the old SPH5 Gentex and has it self been in storage for 4 years since I retired from the world of daring do in aviation for a more sedentary lifestyle in the FL's. The Gallet helmets offer a distinct advantage over the Alpha's and Gentex in their low profile shell size, they are also streets ahead of the Gentex in summer temperatures and on par with the Alpha's for summer comfort.

Whilst the natural aesthetics aren't as trick looking as the Alpha's the European women (or men?) will think you look handsome in this finely built French helmet, (reverse the principal for prospective female buyers).

A recent Australian quote for new replacement of an identical setup was $4300 and from the US excluding shipping ~$3500 AUD 

Feel free to ask any questions or request additional photos and I am happy to offer a return policy (by arrangement) if you do purchase but feel it doesn't fit or it doesn't meet your expectations.

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