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Flow Meter, Two 1.4Mt. Extension Leads

Flow Meter, Two 1.4Mt. Extension Leads
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Location: Burleigh Waters, QLD

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Item Information:

  • Brand: Topargee
  • Manufacturer Part Number: H2F-L

Model No H2F-L

This sale is for TWO 1.4 Mt. sender extension leads.

The extension leads are only suitable for the TOPARGEE Flow Meters models:

  • H2F-SM  Surface mount water tank gauge.
  • H2F-RM Recessed mount water tank gauge.
  • H2F-FCU38 Surface mount fuel/water flow meter.
  • H2F-FCU38RM Recessed mount fuel/water flow meter.

Cutting and joining the three core wire on any of the above models will most likely cause inaccurate readings and voids the warranty.

Multiple 1.4 Mt leads can be joined together to make the desired length.

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