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Go Kart GoPro seat mount

Go Kart GoPro seat mount
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  • Product Type: GoPro Action Camera Mount

Best GoPro mount for Go Karts, made from high quality lightweight CNC anodised aluminium and carbon fibre components. (Mount total weight 122 grams, AKA rule states total 300 grams for camera plus mount) The video is very stable due to the flexi inner tube expansion design which acts as a shock absorber for the mount which provides a cushion and anti vibration for your camera. You get to see where you are losing those critical tenths of seconds. Good for a personal or a team debrief, you can see when and how you are turning in and out of corners and when you are braking. t It is easy to install and comes with all hardware and is available in Gold, Green, Blue, Silver, Red and Black metalwork. Tubing is light weight high strength carbon fibre. Mount can accommodate 2 cameras if required (need to purchase an additional bracket $8.50) Plenty in stock, just send preferred colour via message. See Youtube for video view from mount. https://youtu.be/m_tflkTvLAw

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