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Innovative Tackle Centre 2 sizes available. PN 38264

Innovative Tackle Centre 2 sizes available. PN 38264
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Item Information:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: NA
  • Brand: Hooked on Adventure

• Designed for recess mounting.

• Hidden Fastener.

• Door opens past 180 degrees.

• Larger inside dimensions.

• Easy cut out with 3/8 clearance from start of flange to beginning of screw hole.

• 316G stainless steel hinge.

• OEM can screw through the hinge into the deck for added strength and durability.

• In-laid gasket in ensure a good seal every time.

• Saralon resin for a lifetime.

• Saralon 2 resin Handles with a positive stop and click secured by a 316G stainless steel pin.

• Design naturally sheds water.

• Injection moulded tubs for a lifetime of use.

• 38262: 2 Plano 3600 Series Tackle Inserts.

• 38264: 4 Plano 3700 Series Tackle Inserts.

• UV resistant.

• Made in USA.

• CE Certified.

We have two different sizes available. Please check item title for part number as detailed below.

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