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MARINE twin engine OVERHEATING warning ALARM, 2 bolt-on sensors& display EG01/2

MARINE twin engine OVERHEATING warning ALARM, 2 bolt-on sensors& display EG01/2
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  • Brand: Engine Guard
  • Manufacturer Part Number: EG01-2

100% Australian made "Engine Guard" digital engine temperature alarm with DUAL bolt-on sensorsBrand New Model 2016 !


Freecall 1800 72 0018 for additional information (within Australia)

This system is supplied with 2 sensors enabling temperature measurement at 2 points on the same vessel- such as twin engines, or 2 points on the engine such as one showing coolant temperature, and one showing oil temperature. The on-dash digital display shows the temperature at these 2 sensors, and different alarm set-points can be set for each sensor.

Compact display- fits flush on the dashboard or surrounds. Most other systems have large display units that cannot be fitted this way, and must be installed either on top or under dashboard. The "Engine Guard" uses the latest microprocessor technology making the display unit both more compact AND more accurate.

This system is entirely independent from the factory temperature gauge- you can actually see temperature changes in real time. The audible alarm can be set just above 'normal operating temperature', and can warn of overheating. Cheap insurance compared to expensive mechanical damage caused by overheating!

Installation is simple- no special tools or skills required. The Display Unit uses an advanced adhesive backing, so no drilling/screwing into the dashboard. The sensor is a simple bolt-on design that is quick to install and versatile. Please note the suggested location in the pictures above- the Sensor can be located in many other locations such as on the sump, on the gearbox/transmission, oil filter, etc. The audible warning buzzer is separate from the Display, so can be either hidden behind the dashboard, or the wires can be extended to relocate the buzzer closer to the driver/operator or in noisy environments.

New Standard Features on ALL models:

  • Automatic alarm set-point adjustment- making it easier and quicker to calibrate the system. Just install the system and operate the vehicle or machinery for a week or so and the highest temperature will be recorded. Then use the in-built memory function to transfer the highest operating temperature over to become the alarm set-point- this is as simple as pressing and holding the set button! Just increase by a few degrees to give you the best possible warning of overheating
  • Displays either Celsius OR Fahrenheit
  • Audible alarm test on start-up (optional)
  • Displays both input type and set-point on start-up

Comprehensive Installation and Operating instructions supplied. 

Display Dimensions: 78mm (w) x 40 (h) x 20mm (d)
Sensor Wire Length: 5m
Input Voltage          : 12v - 24v DC
Temperature Range: 0degC - 125degC


Customer Case Study: Bullet ski boat / Mercruiser V6

(Installed by Owner)

‘I have recently installed an Engine Guard digital temperature alarm on my 17ft Bullet ski boat. The boat is powered by a V6 Mercruiser engine and sterndrive. The engine uses raw sea water pumped through a heat exchange cooling system that then uses fresh water to then cool the engine. These systems are known to be unreliable when they get a few years old. Overheating is common, and engine rebuilds are expensive..

Normally the dashboard mounted temperature gauge will warn of potential overheating if you’re watching it, and that’s the problem. The boat is operated at speed - often in busy waters towing a skier or wake boarder. Watching the gauge is just not possible much of the time.

I fitted the ENGINE GUARD dual sensor alarm system. I’ve got one sensor on the heat exchanger so I can see exactly the temperature of the coolant going to the engine, and I’ve got the second sensor mounted via a stainless hose clamp around the oil filter so I can see oil temperature. Both have an alarm ‘set point’ that will warn me if there is a problem, which is the main point of the system. I can also see what difference load and speed makes to the engine- and it’s obvious that anything over about 4,500rpm is hard going for the ‘old school’ pushrod engine. Under that, the temperature stays nice and stable. That’s over 40 knots so it’s plenty fast enough for me.’


Palm Cove, Queensland.

Don’t delay – Engine Guard today! 

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