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MERCEDES SLK R171; fiber optic adapter D2B Soundsystem-Adapter Car Radio Adapter

MERCEDES SLK R171; fiber optic adapter D2B Soundsystem-Adapter Car Radio Adapter
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Item Information:

  • Brand: Mercedes
  • Cable Cross Section: 1,0 mm²
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 42SMC013LICHT
  • Type: Adapter
  • Article Number: 70780
  • Features: Fibre Optics
  • Manufacturer Part Number 1: 42SMC013LICHT
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months
  • EAN: 4026724668704
  • Colour: black
  • Feature: Most
  • Exact Product Type: Most Fibre Optics Adapter
  • Use: Car Radio
  • Manufacturer: ACR
  • EAN: 5055193361266

Important note before buying:

The adapter works only when the light guide plug in the car looks like
(Cable color does not matter; also may be colored orange or otherwise):

The adapter works not, when the plug looks nothing like any of these pictures:

Fiber optic / MOST adapter
(Falsely often called D2B adapter)

for many

Mercedes and Porsche

If you have in your vehicle an amplifier factory installed the over fiber optic cable
is driven, so you can this with our adapter to an aftermarket radio with
Connect Chinchausgängen.
If you have no Chinchausgänge to your aftermarket radio, so you can connect
High-low-Adpater (with us for 19, - Euro available) to the speaker outputs
connect. This makes the speaker outputs Chinchausgänge.

At the interface itself, you just have permanent positive, mass and Ignition
(Alternatively, the remote management of the retrofit radios) Connect.

The fader function (fade from front to rear speakers) works with
the adapter no longer.
The Balance (Left / Right) still works.

12 months warranty!

If you still have questions about the product, so you can call us on

Tuesday - Friday   9.00 - 1 9.00 Clock

Saturdays                9.00 - 18.00 clock


Phone: 0049 (0) 9281 - 9033 reach.

Email: Please use eBay messaging system

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