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MMCS Japanese To English Conversion CD

MMCS Japanese To English Conversion CD
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MMCS (Mitsubishi Multi Communication System)

We were the first company to offer Japanese to English conversions on the MMCS J-0x unit (The head unit in the imported Mitsubishi Outlander, Galant Fortis, Lancer, Evo, Delica D5(please ask), Pajero, ASX) (2005-2012).

See how easy the install process is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDh_1YqsgPY

Features and benefits of conversion:

- Change from Japanese to English
- NZ/Aus time zones (other timezones are available, please ask)
- Removes Japanese voice
- Removes Japanese maps
- Change the centre display (between gauges) to English
- Full use of the Music server
- Change colour scheme
- Dvd/Aux while driving (optional)
-      And more!

Other services:

- We can help you fit a new RCA (AUX) input
- We can add a custom start-up logo of anything (please see picture sample)
-      We can help you if your MMCS won't turn on, has warnings in Japanese on the screen or is stuck at the Mitsubishi logo

The conversion process is done via a CD that we can send you or we can send the conversion to your email for you to create your own CD.

Upon winning this auction, we will send pictured instructions on what we require.

Special rates apply for dealerships and importers, please ask. We will also customize a boot logo to suit your company.


-      We guarantee our conversion and our warranty covers the life of the stereo.

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