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Marine Yacht Compass Damping Fluid Refill (only) - Mineral Spirit - 500ml

Marine Yacht Compass Damping Fluid Refill (only) - Mineral Spirit - 500ml
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Marine Compass Fluid Refill - Mineral Spirit - 500ml
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Have you purchased one of our refill kits, but need more compass fluid? Then this is for you!

Included is:
  • 500ml mineral spirit compass fluid


-Do you have a leaky compass, or an annoying air bubble? But not sure if this is the right fluid for you?  Feel free to send us your questions!

--->See our other listings for our "Compass Fluid Refill Kit" , which includes everything you need to properly refill your leaky compass.

  • An excellent choice for use in both older & modern marine compasses where mineral spirit is required. This colourless mineral spirit is 100% highly refined liquid hydrocarbons, with the correct viscosity for use in most compass damping applications. It has near identical chemical properties to that of Isopar L® which is what most modern compasses are filled with from factory.

  • The high level of refining guarantees it contains very low levels of impurities. This ensures that it has a high resistance to rubber, so it won't damage your compass's rubber seals and diaphragms by dissolving them, even after years of contact.

  • Don't damage your compass by refilling with mineral oil, white spirits, kerosene or other fluids which may appear to be correct type. These fluids have the wrong viscosity needed for the compass damper to work properly, and will likely end up dissolving the rubber seals and diaphragms along with the markings on the card.

    *If your compass has developed a leak or an air bubble, we would recommend you purchase a diaphragm/seal rebuild kit before filling to ensure the bubble won't return* 

    **Special** - Purchase 2 bottles and get free postage on the second item
Shipping Information

  • Item will be dispatched within 3 working days with flat rate postage Australia wide for $12.05

  • Combined postage available with our "Compass Fluid Refill Kit". Purchase a kit and an extra 500ml fluid refill and only pay $12.05 postage

  • Please inquire for pricing for larger quantities.

Payment through Paypal or bank deposit by request

Extra Information

***Please Note***
: Mineral Spirits is not a suitable replacement fluid for older compasses which were filled isopropyl alcohol from factory

Please ensure your compass is compatible with mineral spirit type fluid before purchasing (Most are!)

No returns accepted, however should there be a problem with the product please contact me, and we can arrange for a solution.

This product has CAS Registry Number 64742-88-7

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