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Millard Starcraft Vintage Caravan 1975

Millard Starcraft Vintage Caravan 1975
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Vintage 16 foot 1975 Millard Starcraft caravan for sale.

I bought this caravan a year ago but have decided I don’t have the time to do it up.

Caravan is a Starcraft, which as I understand was a US model manufactured by Millard in Australia. It has some high end fittings such as material lined cupboard doors and pelmets, real wooden wall panelling, a “Starcraft” clock and its very own matching oil painting and cool bedroom mirror. I have only found one other in Australia, that one having been renovated (the original interior pictures pre-renovation showed its matching oil painting and mirror).

Caravan is essentially original inside and out. It is a bit rough however, notably some water damage in the ceiling (has leaked in the past, haven’t tested it since I have had it as it has been under a cover), missing and damaged stove cabinetry, water damage on bottom of bedroom wall, chipped seat end and bunk liner, some chipped cupboard doors, and a few cracked windows. It originally had green shag pile carpet, with a remnant still under the bed. There are floorboards under the current 80s vinyl floor covering. All windows wind out.

It also has been painted green on the door side strip - the other side is its original brown. The white paint has also been painted over at some stage and is a bit rough.

I have tracked down a stove for it (when I bought caravan it didn’t have one) and an original table. The table is still to arrive, might put you on to seller if not arrived by time of sale. 

The fridge works. The stove hasn’t been connected up. It doesn’t have a stone shield. The electrics all work though I havent tested them (they were re-done before I bought it).

The layout is a double bed at the rear, and bunks that fold down to extend a corner lounge at the front/side of the caravan.

It has extremely unreal hubcaps.

It was last registered in 2013.

Can supply more photos on request.

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