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NEW - Boat Rope Covers - 60cm Long, Pack of 6, Black

NEW - Boat Rope Covers - 60cm Long, Pack of 6, Black
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  • Brand: Marine Solutions

Boat Rope Covers

This Listing is for 6 x 60cm Black Rope Covers 
(see our other listings for alternate sizes and colours available)

Marine Solutions Rope Covers are a simple solution designed to protect your vessel from gel coat burn caused by mooring line friction.

Available in 60cm and 100cm lengths, Marine Solutions Rope Covers are sold in packs of 6.

Accommodating lines up to 24mm, the full-length Velcro on each rope cover allows for easy fitment to existing spliced lines.

The rope covers are secured into place using the attached rope tie which threads through one of the lays of the mooring line. 

Made from UV stabilized marine fabric, these covers are designed to last.

  • Available in lengths of 60cm and 1metre
  • Colours - Navy or Black
  • Accomodating lines up to 24mm
  • UV stabilized marine fabric
  • Full length velcro allows for easy fitting onto existing spliced lines
  • Sold in packs of 6

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