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NEW - Gullsweep Pouch

NEW - Gullsweep Pouch
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  • Brand: Gullsweep
  • Manufacturer Part Number: GSP

Imported and Distributed throughout Australia by Marine Solutions, the innovative Gullsweep® bird scarer is a cost-effective and convenient means of ridding your boat of sea birds and their messy deposits!

Gullsweep Storage Pouch  -  GSP

The Gullsweep soft storage pouch provides a quick and easy way to assure your Gullsweep, when not in service, is safe and ready for redeployment. In many situations the Gullsweep is placed under the deck, in the rod holders, under the console, or just out of the way so boating can get underway.

Equipped with a top strap for hanging vertically or 2 side straps that can be lashed to handrail or just under the top deck in a horizontal position. The GSP can handle 2 Gullsweeps at one time if necessary, and there is a drainage hole in the bottom in the event the pouch takes on water.

Made of Surlast blue canvas with 1” web supports, the GS-P measures 1 metre (39”) x 18cm (7”)..

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