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New Factory Continental 470 E165 E185 E225 Data Plate

New Factory Continental 470 E165 E185 E225 Data Plate
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Item Information:

  • Brand: Continental
  • Manufacturer Part Number: N/A (17)
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Part Type: Data Plate

I am offering a New Factory Continental 470 E165 E185 E225 Data Plate.  This came from a recent Aircraft Auction liquidating El Reno Aircraft Parts.  El Reno bought parts up after the war and during the following several decades. These are factory which you will likely never see again.  The plate is an engines with a 5 inch bore and a 4 inch stroke.  That would be for the Continental 470 Series of engines and possibly others.  

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Here at CMRuggles, our goal is to sell quality aircraft parts. We have not tested this part in flight and therefore cannot guarantee the airworthiness of this particular part or any other part or item that we have listed and / or sold to you, the purchaser. This part is not warranted, expressed or implied. As always, we do accept returns for any reason. However, by purchasing this part, you, the purchaser, assumes full responsibility for its' airworthiness. We recommended that you, as the purchaser, employ or utilize a certified airframe and power plant mechanic to inspect this part for airworthiness before installation and after, and also, you, as the purchaser, perform, or supervise its' installation in any aircraft in accordance with FAA regulations.


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