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Palm Table Top Package Post Base and Table Included

Palm Table Top Package Post Base and Table Included
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  • Manufacturer Part Number: NA
  • Brand: Hooked on Adventure

• Light-weight, molded heavy-duty marine grade plastic. • Lipped edge with five moulded cup holder positions. • 2-Piece 29″ (737mm) aluminium locking thread-lock™ post. • Anodized post. • Post base diameter 177mm (7"). • 6 x 8mm countersunk mounting holes for a solid support in a cabin or cockpit. • Plastic table mount built into table top. • Black plastic surface mount thread-lock™ base. • Pulls apart into 3 pieces for easy storage. • Stows easily in most compartments. Table top Dimensions (mm)400 x 470 Post height (mm) 737

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