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PerfectPass Stargazer Wake Edition S Malibu Nautique Centurion Perfect Pass

PerfectPass Stargazer Wake Edition S Malibu Nautique Centurion Perfect Pass
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  • Brand: PerfectPass
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Stagazer GPS Wake Edition S

Note: Before Buying please contact Inland Marine Directly so that we can talk about your individual application. Different makes and engine configurations require different PerfectPass components.

**This low pricing is for a short time only and maybe withdrawn at any time subject to currency fluctuation**

Star Gazer Wake Edition S (With New Slalom Mode)

It is our bestselling speed control system because it is so versatile and easy to use! The GPS Star Gazer is designed for Wakeboarding, surfing, course skiing and is even perfect for tubing. From 9 mph to 36 mph, let PerfectPass take the stress out of driving with amazing GPS accuracy. Ideal for most ski, wakeboard, stern drive and select Yamaha jet boats. Each system comes complete to fit your boat/engine and includes a full size in-dash

GPS Technology from the Leader in Marine Speed Control. WHAT’S YOUR PASSION? The world’s most popular Wake & Surf Speed Control System is now even better. The Wake Edition S now features a new, simple GPS based Slalom Mode that is perfect for skiing in open water and for slalom course enthusiasts. (It will even do GPS based timing)

The Advantages are clear:

• Superior speed based control characteristics 

• Improved performance in turns 

• No calibration ever required 

• Digital speedometer accuracy to 1/10 mph at all speeds 

• Ideal for Wakesurf speeds 

• No opportunity for paddle wheel damage on trailers or lifts

World class Watersports performance is yours with the StarGazer Speed Control System. PefectPass systems are ideally suited for virtually all ski/wakeboard boats and most late model stern drive boats using Mercruiser or Volvo engines. It’s a fact that driving a large boat at an extremely consistent speed is challenging for the best of us... not to mention downright stressful for many. With PerfectPass, you simply preset the speed, throttle up and when the desired speed is reached PerfectPass takes over automatically. It’s that simple! While the skier or rider behind enjoys a smooth steady speed and consistent wake shape, the driver can relax and watch the lake ahead. Even lake cruising is more pleasant and fuel efficiency can be enhanced while running in rpm mode. PerfectPass has changed the way thousands of families enjoy their time on the water. The right speed, the right pull and driving made simple is what we are all about.


• Three operating modes (Speed based wakeboard, RPM and GPS Slalom)

 • All digital speed measurement via the High Speed GPS Receiver

 • On screen Speedometer & Tachometer

 • Adjustable pull characteristics

 • Custom Display with ability to enter name list 

• Ideal for surf speeds

 • Patented fail safe design

PerfectPass manufactures hundreds of Display combinations to fit and compliment almost any dash cluster. Typically the Display will replace the existing boat speedometer since the PerfectPass speedometer reading is GPS accurate. However, the tachometer can also be replaced.

Inland Marine Australia has just been accepted as an authorised seller of PerfectPass speed control systems in Australia.

Please call Steve at Inland Marine to order your system today on 0487409707.

Please like us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Inland-Marine-516187111874183/

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery after payment is received as each system is made to order so that you get the right system for your boat.

(Please note Perfect Pass cannot be fitted to 2008 and later Mastercraft Malibu and Nautiques as Zero Off has the rights to supply speed control for these boats.)

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