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Plastic Fuel Tank 53 Litres - OSCULATI PT53

Plastic Fuel Tank 53 Litres - OSCULATI PT53
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Item Information:

  • Sub-Type: Plastic
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 52.033.06
  • Type: Fuel Tank
  • Manufacturer Part Number 1: 52.033.06
  • Brand: Osculati

Osculati Plastic Fuel Tank

Tank Capacity: 53 Litres

Tank Dimensions (WxLxH): 350 x 800 x 230mm (NB allow +30mm additional clearance height for connectors)

CE Marked

ISO 21487

Suitable for either petrol or diesel

Includes 170mm diameter inspection hatch with: 

  • Filler: 38mm BSP thread plus screw cap
  • Pick up: 10mm hosetail with dropper to the bottom of the tank 
  • Breather: 16mm hosetail 
  • Return: 1/4” bsp tapping (optional for diesel)
  • 5 hole flange for optional sender unit (sender unit not included)

This tank is available in a range of other sizes (up to 140 Litres). 

We also manufacture stainless steel and aluminium fuel and water tanks.  

Please see our other listings for more tanks and accessories such as hose, sender units, gauges, hose fittings & fuel vents.

Tank Colour: Generally these tanks are red / orange as shown in the picture.  On occasion they may be white.  IF the colour is important to you please check before purchasing.
NB. The hosetails and return fitting are plastic not brass as shown in the picture.

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