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Porsche 924 944 968 Battery cover Cap for 63AH / 275mm - Battery cover

Porsche 924 944 968 Battery cover Cap for 63AH / 275mm - Battery cover
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Item Information:

  • Note:: Check they in doubt that dimensions
  • Women's Size: 275 x 175 mm
  • Brand: Porsche
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Does not apply
  • Produktbezeichnung1: Batteria cover
  • Produktbezeichnung2: Battery couverture
  • Produktbezeichnung3: Battery pack deksel
  • Produktbezeichnung4: Bateria cobertura
  • Produktbezeichnung5: Batteri omslag
  • Produktbezeichnung6: Battery cubierta
  • Produktbezeichnung7: Pil kapak
  • Produktbezeichnung8: Μπαταρία κάλυμμα
  • Product Type: Cover
  • Scope of Delivery: 1 x battery terminal cover
  • Suitable for: All porsche 924/944/968 with 63ah-batterie
  • Colour: Black
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Ja
  • Model: Long -> 275mm
  • Product group: Battery cover
  • Product Be Zeich Nung: Battery cover
  • Reference Number (s) OEM: Not applicable to
  • Reference Number (OE): Not applicable to

Porsche 924 944 968 Battery cover Cap for 63AH / 275mm - Battery cover

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Owner: Richard Kortenbruck
Address: Kircherweg 9
E-mail: (see below for sellers Info)
33098 Paderborn
Phone: (see vendor information)

1 Battery Cover for Porsche 924 / 944 / 968

New from stock

The battery cover is simply clipped to the starter battery. In rare cases this coverage is on the vehicles available yet. It prevents the view from the windshield (passenger side) on the battery under the hood.

Scope of supply:
1 x battery cover 

Suitable for:

Width: ~ 175 mm 
Length: ~ 275 mm
Check in doubt the measure.

- Quality: Made in Germany -

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Note: Check They in Doubt that Dimensions
Women's Size 275 x 175 mm
Brand Porsche
Manufacturer Part Number Does Not Apply
Produktbezeichnung1 batteria cover
Produktbezeichnung2 battery couverture
Produktbezeichnung3 battery pack deksel
Produktbezeichnung4 bateria cobertura
Produktbezeichnung5 batteri omslag
Produktbezeichnung6 battery cubierta
Produktbezeichnung7 pil kapak
Produktbezeichnung8 μπαταρία κάλυμμα
Product Type Cover
Scope of Delivery 1 x Battery terminal cover
Suitable for all Porsche 924/944/968 with 63AH-Batterie
Colour black
Manufacturer Warranty Ja
Model Long -> 275mm
Product group Battery Cover
Product Be Zeich Nung battery cover
Reference Number (s) OEM Not applicable to
Reference Number (OE) Not applicable to

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