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Premium Boat Seat Folding & Swivel w/ White Blue

Premium Boat Seat Folding & Swivel w/ White Blue
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This seat is a must have for anyone on a boat. Having a boat is great you can explore the high seas and go on adventures, but you will need a few things to get comfortable. One of the things you need is a proper chair, everyone needs a place to sit and relax here and there. The right seat will do the trick, the marine folding seat is built to withstand all weather conditions, UV treated the seat is resistant to mildew and fading.  Built with a swivel base for convenience, and press studs and straps for safety and security, this seat will keep you safe and comfortable for your adventures in the high seas.



Dacron Thread

5 ΒΌ""Hole Pattern

High impact molded plastic Frame

Mounting Screws Included

Heavy Duty aluminum Hinges

High-density compression Foam Padding

Zinc Coated Fasteners and Staples

Swivel Base for Enhanced Convenience

Big Man Boat Seat including standard swivel

Press Studs and Straps for Secured Positioning

Mildew and UV inhibitors, Built for all Weather Conditions








Product Dimension

(L x W x H) Overall:

57.5CM x 51.5CM x 56.5cm cm


16cm x 16cm x 2.29cm approx


Molded Plastic
UV Resistant PVC
Alloy Hinges
powder coated steel Setting

Package Content:

1 x Boat Seat
1 x Swivel Base

Package Dimension

(L x W x H):

53cm x 32cm x 53cm approx

Package Weight:

10.8kg approx


This product comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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