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Regatta Mark Buoy HOARWB8829

Regatta Mark Buoy HOARWB8829
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  • Manufacturer Part Number: NA
  • Brand: Hooked on Adventure

The Lalizas regatta race mark buoy is well constructed, economically priced and has been designed specifically to meet the demands of yacht racing. It is made of bright yellow high visibility UV resistant PVC in a cylinder shape 1.5 metres x 900mm. It features one inflation / deflation valve and a large transparent plastic pocket (690mm x 580mm) that can be used to insert advertising material. There are 4 attachment points for the anchor line and the buoy is fitted with a mesh elastic net to help absorb the forces of the wind and waves. A Cylinder shape 1.5 metres high x 900mm wide. Weight 4kg A Includes a special net that absorbs pulling forces of anchor line A Large transparent pocket fitted for advertising : 690 x 580mm A No special ballast required A No special maintenance necessary A UV resistant high visibility yellow PVC 

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