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Rotorway helicopter Currently flying latest upgrades sensational

Rotorway helicopter Currently flying latest upgrades sensational
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Hi all

Up for sale here is great aircraft.  First flown in 2011 and with 55 hours this is a stunning aircraft, built by its current owner who is an aerospace engineer.  This aircraft is currently flying and unlike all the other junk older aircraft you see this is as current as you can get.  All Ad’s and directives are up to date and as mentioned is currently flying unlike all the older dusty things you will find for sale this is ready to rock and roll.  Just add fuel and go flying.  There is absolutely no crash damage to this aircraft.  Fresh elastomerics changed only last year

This is 162F so it has the twin ignition, ecu and injection system, a very safe aircraft to fly.  I have around $150,000 invested into this aircraft with just about every enhancement you can get, it even has a governor so can fly in full manual or auto throttle mode.

The Paint is 2 pack metallic PPG with sparkle in it, the stripes and writing are vinyl wrap so if they are not to your liking can be peeled off

This aircraft has just had its 50 hour service, in addition to the standard service items it had new elastomeric bearings fitted.  The aircraft has thousands of hours to run having only done 55hrs TTIS

Apart from standard setup this aircraft is fitted with

Micro air transponder
Micro air transceiver
Micro air intercom
Altitude encoder
Leather roof panels and trimming
High speed tail conversion
Cog belt secondary drive system
Rotorway automatic secondary belt adjuster
Custom switch panel with certified Klixon circuit breakers
Certified Concord battery with upgraded electrics
Commant high speed VHF and transponder antennas (Jet rated)

Throttle Friction
Collective Friction
automatic throttle governor (Selectable)

This aircraft has all the latest updates and mods

All ad’s and updates are current

As seen in the pic of the balancer this is a very smooth aircraft, main rotor vibration is .005 IPS and tail vibration is .001IPS

Aircraft will come with fresh annual (100 hourly) and fresh service.  Fly for only $100 an hour!

New kit is $100,000 and you still have to build it so this is a close to new aircraft at half the cost it would take to build

Aircraft is located in the yarra valley victoria, happy to help package up for freight either locally or internationally, obviously aircraft needs to be paid in full prior to dispatch

Sorry but I get at least 10 emails or messages a week of people wasting my time so here are the answers to the most common questions

1. This is an aircraft not a go cart, you do understand this yes?

2. You need a private helicopter license as a minimum to fly this, this is a VH registered aircraft not an ultralight, a hang glider or a kite!

3. If you want flying advise contact a flight school, you do realise you need to study and pass exams and flight tests to obtain a pilots license?

4. If you don't have a license or have not started flying you are not ready to purchase an aircraft

5. No I will not teach you, No I will not take you for a fly, no you can not teach yourself to fly

6. I am not interested in swaps, trades, offers, payment plans, installments or anything else other than payment in full via cleared funds

7. The starting price is the starting price, that means that I will not take $1 less than the starting price

8. I am sure you have seen a similar looking one advertised elsewhere cheaper and there is a reason it is cheaper! and no I am not interested in explaining to you why you should not buy a 'cheaper' aircraft

9. If you do not have cash to purchase this aircraft do not contact me, I have far more valuable things to do with my time than kick tyres with you

10. I will demonstrate the aircraft to the new owner once the deposit is payed, that will mean NO JOY FLIGHTS, NO FREELOADERS, NO YOU CANNOT FLY IT

Aircraft is free of all titles and liabilities.  If you want to finance it that’s your issue


10% premium for paypal payments


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