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SMALL POP-UP ROOF AIR VENT -Premium Grade- Canopy,Camper,Rally,Autocross

SMALL POP-UP ROOF AIR VENT -Premium Grade- Canopy,Camper,Rally,Autocross
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  • Brand: Generic
  • Product Type: Accessories
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 000

Sturdy steel lid and aluminium frame construction 'pop-up' type air vent.

The smallest size available - this is a top quality vent, well suited for use in high speed rally cars.

This vent is ‘premium grade’ because common pop-rivets are not used in lid construction that can vibrate loose, or leak water - and the pop-up springs are powder-coated black (not easily rusting thin zinc coating). The springs are what generally fail first with other pop-up vents on ebay.

This smaller size is ideal for ute canopies or other vehicles that require absolute water and dust proofing when closed. The smaller size lid allows it to be very ridgid and seal better when closed than some larger pop-up air vents. It also will not put so much pressure onto your roof when installed facing forward into the wind.

Sturdy enough to be installed forward into the wind to scoop air in - or can be installed reverse facing to extract air out when open.

Frame is made of aluminium with rubber seal for exceptional waterproof / dust proof seal when closed.

Steel pop-up lid is press-formed to ensure rigidity and best sealing when closed (and uses only sealed machine rivets, not pop rivets like most other vents sold on ebay that can leak water)

Strong steel spring latch mechanism to allow forward-facing and for catching large volumes of air while driving 

Steel lid and spring mechanism are both flat black (powder-coated) to resist rust and scratching (most other vents on ebay have only zinc coated springs that can rust easily and cause the vent to fail)

Ideal for trailer, camper, horse float, livestock trailer roofs or off-road vehicles - to pressurise vehicle and minimise dust entering vehicle (when installed forward facing).

These air vents are sometimes called solid-top air vents, rat-trap vents, pop-up vents as well.

Note: see blue picture of interior of horse float with air vents installed in the side of horsefloat and roof - a steel frame installed behind is advisable when riveting/bolting to fibreglass roofs or very thin sheetmetal (or install large washers behind the rivets/bolts instead)

Dimensions:  Air opening is 190mm long x 100mm wide with 55mm pop-up at front when opened.

External dimensions: 238mm x 145mm x 35mm.

30mm ring-pull handle for inside closing/opening of air vent.


1. Cut a square hole in your roof that is 195mm long x 105mm wide

2. Use silicone or sika-flex to seal around the opening and place air vent on the opening (forward or reverse facing)

3. Pop-rivet or bolt air vent to roof, installing large washers behind the rivets/bolts (or make a 25mm square tube frame behind it)

Note: If you buy two of these air vents and install the medium-size air vent 'forward-facing' at the front of the vehicle; and the smaller-size rear air vent 'rear-facing' you can increase/decrease air flow much better in summer/winter conditions (see my other listings for bundling these 2 air vents and save on postage because I have combined them).

Open both air vents in summer for maximum air flow through your vehicle.

Open only the smaller ‘rear-facing’ vent in summer (located at the rear of vehicle) when there are lots of insects flying around – or in winter to get some ventilation and to reduce risk of rain and cold air entering vehicle.

Note: If you need more of these air vents, please email me before you purchase - or see my e-store for several other types of air vents

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