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SkyLite Aviation Pilot Headset Replacement Gel Ear Seals

SkyLite Aviation Pilot Headset Replacement Gel Ear Seals
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  • Product Type: Headsets
  • Brand: SkyLite
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AGP30
  • UPC: 0840421100114

Pilot Aviation Headset Gel Seals (Pair)
Intelligent Design with Excellent Noise Reduction
Extra Comfort Provided by Gel Ear Seals 

Brand-New in Nice Packaging Deliver to Worldwide Locations

Light Weight & Full Featured! Perfect Pilot Gift! Manufacturer Low-Priced!!
Designed for luxurious comfort, our Gel Ear Seals for aviation headset are one of the finest ear seals available today. 

Considering the challenging weather conditions a pilot may face, the gel ear seals are made of durable high test polyurethane construction which make it unaffected under temperature extremes (+175°F to -40°F/+80°C to -40°C). 

The ear seals also features a unique gel material which will conform to the contours of the user's ears and head, ensuring a perfect fit. Pilots that wear eyeglasses or sunglasses will appreciate the way the Gel ear seals mould perfectly around frames without compromising comfort or noise attenuation.  Also its "vented" design provides maximum comfort for extended periods of use and is perfect for any prolonged cross-country flight.

It fits most major brand headsets including David Clark, Lightspeed, SkyLite, Avcomm, Pilot and Flightcom! It is the best gift or add-on for pilots to upgrade their existing headset or use them for replacement at an affordable price.

Get the Gel Ear Seals upgrade and add the highest quality and comfort to your flight now!

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