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Teleflex AP1219 Type 1 12v Pump 60CU Inch/Min

Teleflex AP1219 Type 1 12v Pump 60CU Inch/Min
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  • manufacturer: SEASTAR SOLUTIONS
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AP1219
  • UPC: 731957897817

The Seastar Autopilot pump is a fixed flow, reversible pump set that uses an internal hydraulic gear pump, producing very little vibration or noise. It is offered in two different pump sizes (type 1 & type 2). AUTOPILOT ? KEY FEATURES Long life DC Motor (i.e. long life brushes) Compact design Simplified installation Low power consumption ABYC, CE?s and J1171 compliant Superior corrosion resistance Quiet operation All mounting bracket displacement included Voltage 12 volt Fittings Compatible w/ Standard Seastar Hose - Thread 9/16" X 24 UNEF Wire Details Length 24" Gauge 12 awg Connector None - Bare Leads Oil Compatibility Seastar Steering Fluid (MIL 5606) Weight 4.9 lbs (2.2 kg) Pump Sizes Type 1: 60 in3/min (no-load) Type 2: 100 in3/min (no-load) Maximum Pressure 1000 psi Typical Current Draw 12V Type 1: 4 ? 8 amps (Depending on Application) 12V Type 2: 5 ? 11 amps Ram Capacity Type 1 4.9 in3 - 14 in3 Type 2 14 in3 - 21 in3

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