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Tillotson HL334B carburetor

Tillotson HL334B carburetor
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Item Information:

  • Brand: Tillotson
  • Product Type: Carburetor
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HL334B

One brand new Tillotson HL334B carburetor with remote pulse connection.  This carb is ideal for the engines listed below , or the Yamaha KT100S or most four strokes that can run the pulse from the crankcase.

Venturi 19.8mm
Throttle Bore 25.40mm
Iame Puma 85cc , Iame Gazelle 60cc , Iame Levrier 80cc , Puma 100cc Free , Puma 85cc Free

Diaphragm Gasket suitable for this carburetor : DG-1HL , DG-5HL or DG-7HL and Repair Kit :  RK-117HL

The two images of the carb and a parts box are of the carburetor being offered , the image of just a carburetor is from the factory sales brochure and clearly shows there is no pulse hole in the mounting flange. 

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