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Ultraflex® Stainless Steel Single Lever Side Mount Control - Dual Function 83838

Ultraflex® Stainless Steel Single Lever Side Mount Control - Dual Function 83838
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Item Information:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: NA
  • Brand: Hooked on Adventure

  • This listing is for 83838 B400 Stainless Steel Side Mount Control - Full Mechanical Version


    The B400 has an universal control mechanism that allows for both "push" or "pull" for throttle and shift, push button warm up.

  • The patented B401-ETC hybrid version can control the shift with a mechanical cable and the throttle via 0-5V electric signal. The output signal is set by the installer; which is operated through dip-switches placed under the control box.

  • Sleek modern design is ideal for sailboats.

  • 316G stainless steel lever and flange for a better resistance in the

    marine environment.

  • Enables easy and safe shifting by preventing accidental gear

    engagement unless engine is idling.

  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically, on the starboard or port side

    of the boat.

  • Provided with a brake tension release system easily adjustable.

  • Push-in button for throttle operation in neutral for engine warm up.

  • Neutral safety switch X41 (optional) prevents in-gear starting.

  • Exceeds EN ISO 11547 standards when X41 safety switch is installed.

    For use with engine control cables:

    • -  Universal C33, C8 and MACH Zero cables require no connection kit.

    • -  C14, MACH 14 cables require K71 - 83631 connection kit.

    • -  C5, C16. MACH 5 cables require K72 - 83633 connection kit.

    • -  C36 cable require K73 - 83634 connection kit. 

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