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Vintage Warehouse 65 Lucas LHD 7" Sealed Beam Halogen Conversion Headlight Kit

Vintage Warehouse 65 Lucas LHD 7" Sealed Beam Halogen Conversion Headlight Kit
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Item Information:

  • Other Part Number: HAL0000607
  • Brand: Unbranded/Generic
  • Part Manufacturer: Vintage Warehouse
  • Manufacturer Part Number: VW65HAL0000607
  • Classic Car Part: Yes

Main Description

             Vintage Warehouse 65 Classic Ford Lucas LHD Headlight Conversion Kit

Here we have a Genuine Lucas Classic Domed lensed 7" Halogen conversion headlight kit
Ideal if you would like to covert your Escort to round Halogen units that are much brighter than dim sealed beam units
Fully E marked LHD glass units meeting European standards for continental driving

Kit Contents -
A pair of genuine Lucas LHD 7" Halogen conversion units with built in sidelight units
A pair of Wipac 7" lightweight ABS mounting bowls with gasket seals and fittings
A pair 60/55w H4 Main/Dip Halogen Headlight BULBS and 5w BA9 sidelight bulbs
A pair of new H4 3 pin electrical connectors
Please note that these units do not carry the mounts for the grill which would need to be added

 photo Slide7_zps2e422c07.jpg photo Slide5_zps57c88b92.jpg photo Slide2_zps3dc3bfa8.jpg photo Slide1_zpsc168c5c1.jpg

The kit will come fitted with all the bulbs and the sidelight unit that can be removed and blanked if not required

Please note that this kit is not made by Ford and your car may need slight modifications especially if you are converting from a square unit, I do accept returns but best to be 100% before ordering so if you are unsure in any way check out the Ford owners forums for some great advice on halogen conversions

Why not upgrade with a pair of Mega White 60/55w Xenon Halogen bulbs replacing the standard with Xenon gas technology
Brilliant mega white glow with up to 50% more light Simple upgrade - no changes to wiring needed
High performance bulbs improve the comfort and safety of night driving, click on the image to veiw

 photo Slide3-20_zps7c2fc796.jpg

Prefer a flatter style Unit or need new Wiring connectors or Mounting bowls? Click on the image's to veiw

 photo Slide6-4_zps5ec6216c.jpg   photo Slide2-25_zpse6f33ab1.jpg   photo Slide1-28_zpsa62b3801.jpg

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