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Vintage trials bike Honda 1975 TL250 stored 20 years and still going well.

Vintage trials bike Honda 1975 TL250 stored 20 years and still going well.
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Location: North Rocks, New South Wales

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Item Information:

  • For sale by: Private seller
  • Manufacturer: Honda
  • Model: T L 250
  • Engine Capacity (cc): 250
  • Type: Trials
  • Drive Type: Chain

 In the late 60's and early 70's I was crazy on trail bikes as I hunted in the Macquarie Marshes and after about a dozen different bikes I found the TL 250 to be far the best bike for a hunter who hunted where there was a lot of water , light enough for 2 men to manhandle over a fence, absolutely water proof in deep water and very quiet and able to dribble along at less than walking speed and best of all always started first kick.

I purchased my first TL250 about 1975 and this bike I am now selling came available about 1978 by the original owner who had only ridden it a few times, it was as new, so I purchase it as a spare bike that I sometimes loaned out to mates, I sold one of the TL's a couple of years ago and hung onto this one as it was the best of the two I owned.

I have had the bike in storage for over 20years, the other day I thought I would drag it out and give it a clean up, I almost dropped dead when it stared second kick and idled smoothly.

When any bile is stored as long as this one has I thought the clutch may need freeing so I put the front wheel against a tree and wacked it into gear with the clutch in and the clutch was stuck and the bike mounted the tree went around the side of the tree fell over and dragged me a few yards before I hit the kill switch, the fall busted the throatal cable but a bit of duct tape made it good again.

Mechanically the bike is good, its never been apart as it was only ever used a couple of times a year for 20 years, I notice the other day when it was standing on its stand the carburettor was flooding but stoped when I pulled the bike upright, the float may have a hole in it, the tyres are the ones on it when the bike was new and now being over 40 years old are in need of replacing. 

Years ago the I cracked both plastic side covers under the seat and glued them up, the alloy tank  has no dents and the exhaust seems to have no holes.

All in all the bike now being over 40 years old is in very good condition, the bike is a used bike and a little shabby but with a oil change, checking over and a new set of tyres the bike would have years of life left in it, I always used the bike in water so it would pay to check the brakes, if I was to start using the bike myself again I would do nothing and just ride it as is with the original tyres as they have plenty of tread and the bike is still suitable for the purpose I intended it for, the Macquarie Marshes became a national park over 20 years ago which meant my riding in the marshes was over and I just stored the bike away.

I am over 70 and well past ripping around the bush so its time to offer the bike for sale but as can be seen by my start price I like the bikes and it does not take up much space, if it does not sell I will just trow the tarp over it again.

The last photos is me using the bike in the 80's. 

The bike is pick up only from Pitt Town NSW near Windsor, or if sold the buyer can arrange a courier. 

Thanks for looking.

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