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Vinyl Decal in color l of Australian flag with Kookaburr

Vinyl Decal in color l of Australian flag with Kookaburr
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  • Product Type: vinyl decal

PHOTO GALLERIA AMAZING VINYL DECAL :"Australian Flag with Kookaburra"
                               DECAL SIZE IS 12" x 8" (30cm x 20cm)

These are not Mass produced Decals.Original works of Decal art direct from the Photographer..
We have been established since 2007 where we were known well at Sydney Opera House Markets

This is clearly our most popular product. 
We digitally print the image onto self adhesive vinyl. THE DECAL IS IN COLOR as per picture in Gallery
This material can be installed on almost any wax free surface including glass, painted walls, steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.
Suitable for Motor homes, caravans, camper vans etc

We recommend a use of squeegee for best application of vinyl.
Instructions provided for application of vinyl decal

We can make this design to a range of sizes.For a
Quote Send us a email at info@photogalleriaaustralia.com.with the size you require


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