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  • Manufacturer: Yakovlev 52

Great opportunity to be involved with a small group of Aviation Enthusiasts who wish to fly and care for these two Yakovlev 52 Aircraft. Only 6 shares left out of 8 shares are now available in these two aircraft @ $25,000 each.

There is no reason why you cannot invest in 2 or more shares. In fact you can purchase these 2 Aircraft with parts, books, several spares.

If you have no experience in these aircraft, we have in house instruction in regards to caring for these big round radial motors and flying.

If you have, or would like to fly aeros, formation, enjoy the access to two aircraft which allows you to participate in Aviation events around the country with other enthusiastic group members who follow the Warbird aviation fraternity. 

We will be participating in events in the USA and European countries with other Red Radial Groups which allows us to gain more information and be better informed in regards to all aspects of our sport. 

To date we have engaged in two of the 3 annual Red Thunder events at Watts Bridge which have been very successful and informative. As has been the events organised by the Red Radials Southern Command groups events down South.

The next such event will be held at Watts Bridge in March but date still to be determined, you most likely missed out on Cowra, NSW,  just gone and it was a hoot, 23rd Nov. Well catered for, very informative, we were very much thankful for the knowledge passed on by many of the other more experienced members. Huge learning curve, great comradry. 

Register your interest now. Life is too short not to indulge your own wishes or persuits  

CALL ME ASAP if interested, some formation consolidation and training booked for early New Year

For More information in regards to events past and future, go to www.redthunder.net.au website 

Call PETER 0417646838 FOR MORE INFORMATION, Buy the Lot at an agreeable price or just join in and to start flying now

I have been asked if I would accept a vehicle as part payment?? the answer is yes 

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