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ZPE Blue Dash LED kit Stagea C34 & Skyline R34

ZPE Blue Dash LED kit  Stagea C34 & Skyline R34
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  • Manufacturer Part Number: 031

Welcome to our store! This kit contains the bulbs required to change the factory dial colour to another colour as pictured. This kit suits the following models-


Skyline Series 1 R34 GTt (Not suited to Series 2 or models with Orange cluster illumination - Nismo dashes)

Stagea Series 1 C34 (Not suited Series 2, the 260RS or models with Orange cluster illumination) 

RED however works in both models listed above


Also available in RED, just message us through ebay to request an alternate colour


The Following model specific upgrades are also available - Request an invoice prior to completing checkout and paying-


Optional Series 1 R34 Climate control kit - A/C LCD + button backlights + $12

Optional Series 2 R34 Climate control kit - A/C LCD + button backlights + $12

Optional T10 parker globe kit + $6.00 (better match than standard for your HID headlights) Upgrade to hyperbright for + $10



Product Information

"Neo Gauge Multiangle Dash LED Kits" brought to you by Zero Point Electronics, as featured in High Performance Imports magazine #95 as the import modifiers 1st choice in aftermarket cluster illumination!!! Click the magazine page for more details. 


These are the original custom dash kit guaranteed to fit the model listed, unlike many ebay imitations attempting to copy our kits actually test fitted all of our kits in the cars listed! Cars are our life, so why trust your dash with anyone else!


Our product was developed in-house to blitz the competition after experiencing so many poorly made LEDs from large auto chains and online stores, we’re the only LED on the market to have-

·        Long-term colour stability

·        Extended life 

·        True 16 volt rating


We refuse to sell any of those cheap knock-off 12-16v LEDs that last a matter of weeks and end up costing you more through replacement of blown or flickering bulbs.

Already many happy skyline owners from www.skylinesaustralia.com are using these kits as they utilize not only the best wide angle LEDs but they are arranged in such a formation that they give a 360 degree radius of light with 200 degree spread!!! Complete light saturation to the side, middle as well as directly up. Best of all they fit the factory bulb sockets, just replace like you’re changing a normal filament bulb.


Need help finding a bulb? Contact us, we may have the very thing in stock.



Postage Info

Overseas buyers welcome!

Due to the volume of orders, items are only posted TWICE A WEEK. These days are the Following TUESDAY or FRIDAY *after* your payment clears. General mail can take from 1 - 6 business days to arrive & Australia Post does not operate over weekends. Please consider this when waiting for delivery. 

Overseas mail can take up to 14 Business days via the flat-rate service.


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