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navigation system Bentley CONTINENTAL 3W0919887B Navi Navigation Player

navigation system Bentley CONTINENTAL 3W0919887B Navi Navigation Player
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Item Information:

  • Vehicle Name: 6.0
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 3W0919887B
  • Produktgroup: interior trim
  • Produkttyp: navigation system
  • Manufacturer: Bentley

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item and vehicle data

navigation system Bentley CONTINENTAL 3W0919887B Navi Navigation Player

article description:
navigation system
our article number:
vehicle manufacturer part nr.:

master data donor vehicle:

vehicle description:
date of first registration:
body paint color (Lackno):
engine code:
gearbox code:
displacement in kW/HP:
412/560 kw/PS
5.998 ccm
German authorities code:
mileage in km:
The mileage can be checked by the VIN in a garage of the vehicle manufacturer.
vehicle ident number (VIN):
automatic gearbox , gasoline, notchback, all-wheel-drive, with air conditioner , with ABS , 4-door used original sparepart


1,5kg, 25x25x20cm not listed countries on request overview shipping costs standardshipping
  • Germany from 7.74AUD
  • Austria from 20.52AUD
  • Netherlands from 20.52AUD
  • Poland from 20.52AUD
  • Spain from 20.52AUD
  • Switzerland from 26.13AUD
  • Norway from 26.13AUD
  • Croatia from 44.61AUD
  • Iceland from 44.61AUD
  • Turkey from 44.61AUD
  • Azerbaijan from 48.13AUD
  • Egypt from 48.13AUD
  • Israel from 48.13AUD
  • Argentina from 49.89AUD
  • Mexico from 49.89AUD
  • Australia from 49.89AUD
  • United States from 49.89AUD
  • Brazil from 49.89AUD
  • Hong Kong from 49.89AUD
  • India from 49.89AUD
  • Japan from 49.89AUD
  • Canada from 49.89AUD
  • Afghanistan from 53.61AUD
  • Netherlands Antilles from 53.61AUD

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