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vintage caravan 1950 bondwood 10 foot

vintage caravan 1950 bondwood 10 foot
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Location: Armadale

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  • State: WA
  • Product Type: Caravans

Wow!  how often do these come up for sale in Western Australia.

A little 10 foot bondwood caravan built in 1950. It doesn't have a brand name, so is more than likely either a DIY kit caravan, or possibly homemade.

Fully restored in 2008, this little caravan has heaps of character, and looks great behind a classic car of the period. It weighs about 450kg, so your old Holden or Vauxhall or whatever will tow this along like it's a box trailer!

Accomodation offers two single beds, a water tank, a sink, plently of cupboards, a small dining table, a wardbrobe, and all the features of a 1950 caravan (read nil) !

My FX Holden with bog stock grey motor tows this lil beauty at 95 to 100 KMH, until a headwind hits!

Many fun days ahead with this, just hook up and go!

The caravan has full West Australian rego and is ready for any retro style holiday. 

The period items shown in the photos don't go with the caravan, but could be sold subject to negotiation.

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